Case Management: Helping You Solve the Puzzle

Treatment may stop the storm, but rebuilding requires a planned recovery.

One mistake families can make is believing that once their loved one goes to treatment the “work is done”. At first, you will feel a great sense of relief that your loved one is in a safe place and getting help. However, the real work begins at the treatment center. It’s very important to ensure that this process is effective.

How it works

Case management ensures that counselors receive important input from family members. We can receive treatment plans and weekly progress notes from the provider and help the family understand the process as it develops. We can also be involved in the continuing care planning and in assuring adherence to the plan. This is an important contributor to long-term recovery.

Questions we can help you consider

- What if they call and want to come home early?
- What do continuing care and aftercare recommendations mean?
- What is your role in supporting their recovery?
- What should you expect when they finish treatment?

How to get started

We encourage you to reach out to us via phone, text or email today so we can help you and your loved one get started on the road to recovery.