Clinical Transport: Help Along the Way

Helping you or your loved one make it to treatment

More often than not, those seeking help with addiction make the choice to travel across country in order to receive the right treatment for them. The reality is that the person seeking help doesn’t always make it to their treatment center. It’s common for families to struggle with getting their loved ones to treatment, as well. What do you do if they try to run away, or constantly try to fight with you or convince you not to take them?

How it works

Our clinical transport service provides a traveling companion for your loved one seeking treatment in a compassionate, professional way. One of our clinicians travels with your loved one door-to-door. Our clinician will start by picking the person up wherever they reside, and even help them pack if they need it. Then we go with them to the airport, and fly with them to treatment. We take them from the airport straight to the treatment door and help them get checked in. If the travel to the treatment center doesn’t include flying, our clinician will drive them.

In short, we make absolutely sure your loved one makes it to treatment. Having a third party travel with your loved one ensures they get to treatment, and makes the process a lot easier for you.

How to get started

We encourage you to reach out to us via phone, text or email today so we can help you and your loved one get started on the road to recovery.